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My passion has always been gardening. I design my terrariums to enable the beauty of bringing plant life into an interior setting all year around. I decided to design and create indoor terrariums. I try to use many different types of mosses and natural woods and rocks many found in my backyard forest & outdoor environment. I am constantly pursuing different elements to use as accessories in my terrarium designs.

I use copper in many of my terrariums. I use organic soil and houseplants. I create various schemes - Fairies, Gnomes of various ethnicities, I design natural scenes as well. I use wine corks, various types of metals, colored glass, various mosses, rocks & clay to mold and create accessories. I paint using natural henna dyes & ranger inks., I use only quality materials in all my art projects. Presently, I design terrariums for local businesses and many people purchase for themselves or gifts. I can personalize terrariums to suit the needs of your project/business.

Plants create a Happy & Healthy Indoor Environment. Plants clean the air, control humidity indoors and research has found that plants attribute many benefits in the workplace & in your interior environment. Living energy flows keeping stress levels low, creativity high & the air we breathe clean and clearing of toxins and pollutants. Also, results support that workers are more creative & if you are a business owner shoppers spend more when plants are around!

Prices vary according to request. Pricing Varies: Small terrariums pricing is $25.00/each, medium range from $50-$75 each, large range from $100-$150 each *Business Personalizing can be slightly higher in pricing. If you would like a special request to design a terrarium please contact me.

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